What We Do

Helping change happen

As a charity we strive to deliver activities in line with our values and beliefs.

Our ethos of creating change is one of the main reasons for the last seven years we have been proud to deliver Healthwatch Lincolnshire.  This provides a direct link between our charitable drivers and the communities we want to support.

We work in partnership with all sectors to influence to provide a pathway for the people’s voices to be heard.  We maximise our networks and connections to bring together the best people and organisations to help engage and shape change.

There is nothing more we enjoy than working with partners and other organisations to understand their needs and then accepting the challenge to meet them.  So whilst we know organisational financial constraints might feel restrictive, when we develop a bundle with you, the efficiencies are clear to see.

Our values

We want to make a change and have an influence for the greater good.
This is strengthened by these values.


We are passionate about driving positive change with people and communities


We want to influence and change the way services and behaviours are evolved through a dynamic approach which includes the development of digital tools that improve reach and insight

Diligent & Inclusive

We care about getting it right for everyone, we don’t believe that communities, services and systems should be knowingly neglected, and that our approach should work towards being inclusive and equitable.

Honesty, trust & fairness

Our good reputation, particularly as a deliverer of Healthwatch, which is not only local but also national, has been built on our capacity to conduct our business in a meaningful way that is open, transparent and fair.

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