There are many ways to talk about how you’re feeling and live a happier life.

Here at A Better Way we work to prevent suicides and promote happier
living for men in Lincolnshire.


Talk, listen and reflect with our specially created webinar workshop series. Open to all males aged 39-60 years of age living or working within the county of Lincolnshire.

Join in our free Zoom webinars and discover savvy techniques on improving mental health, overcoming fear in opening up, a taster of mindfulness, and just why fitness matters. 

This is a great opportunity to improve your mental health, support a loved one, and learn some useful coping mechanisms to take with you. Our webinars are informal, supportive, and often humorous, and you are all very welcome. 

We hope to see you there, because well, we love a chat, and by talking, things can and will get better…

Secure your free place by clicking on each event or use the form below.

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