Stay active indoors #hwlifts

Whether you’re avoiding the snow or have been indoors long-term due to shielding, age or a health condition, staying active at home is a great boost to your health and mood

Check out the Tune in to 10 Today service and listen to a 10 minute workout or follow along by watching a video exercise. 

How about some gentle armchair stretching from Age UK?

  • Sitting in a chair, lift one leg off the seat
  • Keep your knee bent as you go
  • Return to sitting position
  • Repeat with the other leg

On the hour… Try getting up to stretch your legs. 

Head to the kitchen and do a chore or walk to the front door, take a breath of fresh air. 

If standing is difficult, try moving your arms and legs every hour to relieve the inactivity. [More]

Post by Jacqui Sclanders