NHS Lincolnshire Citizens’ Panel’s first winner! Are you next?

A member of the NHS Lincolnshire Citizens’ Panel has won £250 in a prize draw to celebrate the first survey release – sign up for the chance to be the next winner.

Sonya from Lincoln joined the panel last year. She completed the first NHS survey in January 2021 and was chosen at random as the prize draw winner.

Prize winner Sonya explained why she joined the panel: “As a resident of Lincoln and working in the healthcare sector, I wanted to have the opportunity to help steer healthcare in the right direction now and in the future for the residents of Lincolnshire.”

The NHS Lincolnshire Citizens’ Panel will hold two more £250 prize draws for members this year. The panel is free to join and guarantees your voice is heard during NHS planning and research.

Recommending more Lincolnshire residents join, Sonya added: “Members would benefit as it ensures every area of the community has a voice and every voice would be able to give their views and feedback.”

“This in turn would benefit every resident of Lincolnshire as the Lincolnshire NHS would become stronger and more efficient”.

Sonya said she would recommend everyone in Lincolnshire signs up.

“It is simple to do, a questionnaire is filled in once every few months which is designed to fit around you,” she said.

“This gives you the opportunity to get involved and to have your say in ensuring that better quality care is provided in Lincolnshire.”

To join the NHS Lincolnshire Citizens’ Panel, visit hwlincs.co.uk/citizenspanel                

HWLincs is recruiting panel members on behalf of NHS Lincolnshire and aims to create a representative panel of our local people.