New wellbeing podcast launches out of Lincolnshire

Spalding-based charity Tonic Health has launched a free weekly podcast that covers a range of health and wellbeing topics with expert guests.

The Tonic Talk podcast has in just five episodes already covered the effect of the pandemic, autism, the theraptic benefits of music, mental health and relationship guidance.

Each guest offers an insight into their topic area and the podcast will be release weekly on a variety of platforms, including Spotify.

Listeners also have the opportunity to get involved with the podcast and submit audio recordings that could feature on the show.

Get onboard now and follow the development, as the podcast has plans to expand from audio-only to include live video-streaming and the chance for viewers to interact with the guests during the broadcast.

To listen the episodes and subscribe so you automatically get the latest one each week, check out the Tonic Talk homepage.

Click here to find out more about Tonic Health.