HWLincs Staff Survey 2023 Results – 100% Good

At HWLincs we are constantly checking in with our team to make sure that as a charity, we are an employer that really appreciates and takes care of our key resources – our people.

From the last staff survey (May 2023) the following highlights were a fantastic indicator of where we are today.

  • When asked if it was felt HWLincs offered and encouraged development and training opportunities, the response was 100% yes.
  • When asked if HWLincs recognises and actively supports a good work life balance, the response was 100% yes.
  • When asked if staff would recommend HWLincs as a good employer, the response was 100% yes.

When we asked if staff felt HWLincs could fulfil their career aspirations, 80% said yes, the other 20% were unsure where their careers and lives would take them, but they did recognise that wherever that was HWLincs would support them get there in any way it could.

Nicola Clarke, Operations Development Manager said “Our work and home lives have changed dramatically since the pandemic, we used to be a team in a building base in Swineshead, enshrined into the belief that to be at work and work productively, we had to follow traditional working practices.  Nothing could actually be further from the truth as we have discovered.  Our now hybrid model has driven a different path to an even more engaged and driven team, who have shown loyalty, resilience, and pride in the charity they work for.”

The findings showed the biggest team motivators to do a great job, day in and day out are a good work-life balance, variety in our work with changing and stretching projects and goals and an autonomous flexible work profile, all this enables HWLincs to be an agile employer ready for the future.