#hwlifts Lockdown mood boosts refresher

While we’re still in national lockdown, it’s important we take some time to try to improve our mood when we can.

It’s unrealistic to think any steps will magically transform you, so turn that into a positive – any little lift is a big achievement.

Here are some top tips from health experts:

Get outside and move – Make the most of the daylight and get outside first thing in the morning before you start your day – walking, cycling or gardening are great to increase activity.

It can be a great way of waking up and staying refreshed for longer.  The NHS recommends about 20 minutes a day of moderate exercise. [more]

No more overthinking – Psychologist Professor Jennifer Wild of Oxford University says if you’ve worried about a problem for 30 minutes without a plan of action, STOP.  Shift your focus to practical problem solving and the facts. [more]

Set a new target – whether you’d like to learn something new or rekindle an old hobby, now is the ideal time to make your time in lockdown worthwhile.  Learning about finances perhaps, investigating more about the garden and outdoors, a practical skill like first aid, the possibilities are endless. [more]

Talk it over – making the most of the social contact you are allowed is good.  Calling someone – a friend, family member or charitable organisation to talk about your feelings is ok.  How about joining an online class so you have some connection with other people? [more]

Do it badly –  Olivia Remes of Cambridge University suggests not waiting to do things perfectly at the right time on the right day. Jump into action and accept something might initially be done badly. That’s almost always better than doing nothing. [more]

Post by Jacqui Sclanders