Get out there with Let’s Move Lincolnshire

As we slowly start to emerge from lockdown, there’s no better time to get inolved with the Let’s Move Lincolnshire movement

There’s a mission for everyone in Lincolnshire to lead a physically active life, regardless of age, wealth, gender, ability or circumstance.

The aim is to make Lincolnshire the most active county in England, where physical activity is a part of everyday life.

Public Health England produced this chart to explain the health benefits:

Physical activity is any form of movement upon the skeleton and muscles which results in spending energy and raises the heart rate above a resting level.

What’s your preference for physical activity? 

Some links you might find helpful about walking, running or cycling are listed below

The NHS Walking for Health article may have some options to help you get started.

Here’s some information on the tried and tested, not to mention popular, Couch to 5K challenge if you’re interested in running.

British Cycling’s Let’s Ride Local campaign shares details here, where you can easily source local riding routes in and around Lincolnshire.

Let us know of any local initiatives you come across and what you’re choosing to do to keep active in Lincolnshire in 2021.  #LetsMoveLincolnshire

By Jacqui Sclanders