Free priority support available during power cut or loss of water

Lincolnshire’s power and water suppliers have joined forces to create a register of residents who’d benefit from free priority service during an emergency.

If you, a neighbour or family member are elderly, have a disability, have a temporary medical condition, rely on medical equipment such as oxygen at home, or even just have a child under five in the house, being on the Priority Services Register offers peace of mind in the event of a power or water shortage.

We want to make Lincolnshire residents aware of the register and encourage them to sign up to the service. 

Once registered, in the event of a power or water shortage just contact the direct number to get the help and support you need.

Sign up with Western Power and you will automatically be added to the Anglian Water register. Please take an extra second to let them know Healthwatch sent you when prompted.

Sign up now at, or call free on 0800 096 3080.

People eligible for this free service include those who are blind/partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing, rely on electricity for home medical equipment, are of pensionable age, have a child under 5 years old, have mental health problems, have a chronic / serious illness, live with dementia or cognitive problems, can’t communicate in English and more. If your category isn’t listed on sign-up, select ‘other’.