NHS Citizens' Panel


Healthcare in Lincolnshire is changing.

You can help steer its direction.

HWLincs is recruiting an online citizens’ panel for social distanced decision making that will help guide NHS services in Lincolnshire.

The NHS will ask panel members to share their views about where the county’s healthcare priorities need to be in the near and far future.

This opportunity to make a direct impact on strategic decision making in Lincolnshire is open to everyone in the county over the age of 18.

For the panel to be truly representative of the county’s population, it’s essential people from all walks of life contribute to this hugely important project.

As thanks for your involvement, in the first year active panel members who complete surveys will be entered into three prize draws to win £250

Register an interest in joining the panel below and NHS Lincolnshire will be in touch via email.


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What will happen when I sign up?
HWLincs will securely store your details and pass them on to the NHS who will contact you when the scheme begins.

Will I be bombarded with questions?
It’s expected panel members won’t be asked to complete more than six surveys a year.

Will I find out if I’ve been listened to?
Within the NHS constitution there is a requirement for the NHS to demonstrate that is has listened and responded to public feedback and therefore we anticipate that the NHS Lincolnshire CCG will share with Panel Members the impact of its contribution.

Can I opt out whenever I want?
Yes. Simply email us and you will be removed from the database.

Is it easy to opt out?
Yes. Opt out instantly by emailing us. It would be really helpful to us and the NHS if you could tell us the reason why.

Why is this survey online only?
NHS Lincolnshire engages with the public in many different ways, however the Citizen Panel aims to bring early and representative insight to areas of specific interest for future planning and delivery work for our local NHS services. 
In addition, in the current climate an online survey is the safest and most convenient method for the data to be collected and to ensure everyone who can get involved is able to.
We understand that not everyone has ready internet access and not all individuals can engage with online surveys.
If we can help with any specific needs please contact us.

Where is my data stored?
Personal information collected is only for panel administration purposes and our Privacy Notice explains what we do with your information, how long we keep it for and how you can leave the Citizen Panel at any time.

Will my data go anywhere else?
Personal information collected is only for Panel administration purposes and our Privacy Notice explains what we do with your information, how long we keep it for and how you can leave the citizens’ panel at any time.

Can I use the panel to make comments or complaints about my experiences with the NHS?
No, the panel is for planning only. To comment positively or negatively on any aspect of healthcare, contact Healthwatch Lincolnshire to make sure you are heard and the appropriate organisations are made aware.

How will the prizes be drawn?
The prize winners will be drawn at random, with no names available to the party drawing the winner.

Does the NHS have further information?
Click here for the NHS Citizens’ Panel page.


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