HWLincs monthly mindfulness walks

Our monthly mindfulness walk offers a chance for our staff and volunteers to enjoy a break from their desks or usual tasks with a mindful stroll in the great outdoors.

We also like to keep everyone on their toes (no pun intended) by varying the format each month so it is as engaging as possible. Our November walk came with three suggested tasks: to walk a familiar walk in reverse, connecting with your inner self/child, and a walking meditation exercise.

Volunteer Helen sent us a picture of her November walk.

She says: “I was connecting with my inner child by taking my neighbour’s dog for a walk. I had to go at a slower pace as he stopped at every tree, so I could take the time to enjoy looking at the fallen leaves and listening to my footsteps walking through them. 

“I had to take a different route as the farmer was ploughing the field I normally cross. It’s easy to become slightly disoriented by approaching familiar places from a different angle.

“I love winter walking as I can dress up warm, enjoy looking at the bare trees against the big Lincolnshire skies and have a warm glow afterwards when I settle down with a cup of tea and piece of cake.”

We’ll have a slice of that, Helen – thank you.

Another volunteer Carol, sent us some super pictures of her walking route.

She says: “I set off on a bright sunny day and this is my winter watch: setting off at just past 2.00pm with some autumn colour still on the trees. 

“Lots of telegraph poles and I can count my steps between them.  A bird of prey landed across the fields and this swan was gliding down the river. I spotted some fungi and a shell, evidence that there is an otter about.”

Keep an eye out for our December mindfulness walking update as we take another step towards work and life balance and encourage our team to get the most out of each day.